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Prime Motoring Phase 2-X (P2X) EJ25 Closed Deck Shortblock

Prime Motoring Phase 2-X (P2X) EJ25 Closed Deck Shortblock

Aluminati 19mm Billet NA/JDM Manifold Spacers

Aluminati 19mm Billet NA/JDM Manifold Spacers

Prime Motoring Phase 3-X EJ25 Closed Deck Shortblock (P3X)

Prime Motoring Phase 3-X EJ25
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You asked for it, we built it! Prime Motoring joined forces with Outfront Motorsports out in California to design engine packages for the EJ25, FA20, and even EJ20 platforms. Each engine is machined & assembled by Outfront Motorsports to our specifications. Each engine is built to what we want based on what we've learned from our experiences in drag racing and from our customers. We wanted to offer engine packages that were not influenced by profit margins and pure sales volume. We wanted something built BY the community FOR the community.


Phase 3-X EJ25:

  • Case Halves - Seasoned EJ257 Case with Outfront Motorsports V4 Closed Deck Process
  • Pistons - Custom Outfront Motorsports/CP Piston X-Forged Piston Set with Thick Wall Wrist Pins
  • Connecting Rods - Callies Performance Ultra Connecting Rods with ARP 3.5 Rod Bolts
  • Rod / Main Bearings - King Bearings
  • Crankshaft - Standard New Subaru Nitride Treated 2017+ STI Crankshaft
  • Case / Main Bolts - Pinned Main Journals & ARP Case Bolts
  • Head Stud Machining - Machined for 1/2" Head Studs

*New Case Upgrade Available*

*1/2" Head Stud Purchase Available - MUST USE OUTFRONT STUDS*

*Athena Cooper Fire-Ring Head Gasket Purchase Available*

*Callies Ultra Billet Crankshaft Available*

*WPC Treatment of FULL Rotating Assembly Available*


Power: This shortblock is rated to 1000-1100BHP

Warranty Information:

All short-blocks are covered by Outfront Motorsports’ 6month/6,000mile warranty. This warranty only covers manufacturing defects, workmanship, & assembly. Failures caused by improper installation, tuning, maintenance, or driving habits are NOT covered by warranty. ALL warranty claims must be submitted to Prime Motoring & Outfront Motorsports. Engines must be taken apart by Prime Motoring/Outfront Motorsports as a long-block to fully assess any outside errors and the full extent of damages.

Warranty Limitations:

-       ONLY applies to short block components assembled by Outfront Motorsports.

-       Does NOT cover any other part of the engine, turbocharger, accessories, or even the vehicle itself.

-       Warranty does not cover labor expenses.

-       Warranty is only offered if the short block is professionally installed by a reputable shop that Prime Motoring recommends and tuned by tuner that Prime Motoring recommends. (list TBD)

-       Owner is responsible with supplying proof of proper maintenance.

-       There is NO warranty on customer supplied components.

-       All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

-       The customer is responsible for all disassembly and reassembly costs if warranty claim is denied.

As of right now 01/01/2019, all Prime Motoring short blocks are to be installed by Prime Motoring and tuned by JRTuned. By Fall of 2019, the current list of authorized tuners & installers will be added.

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