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Killer B Motorsport 321 Stainless Holy Header/Up-Pipe

Killer B Motorsport 321 Stainless Holy Header/Up-Pipe

iWire Plug & Play AEM Wideband Sensor Kit

iWire plug & play for 32BIT EJ Engines
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A Wideband O2 Sensor (Air/Fuel meter) is required for any tune and we've made the install as easy as plugging it in. 


We've utilized this model of AEM wideband kit to work with a Cobb Accessport to eliminate the need for a physical gauge in the dash. Instead, use the Cobb Accessport (Cobb AP) to take the signal that was for the rear O2 and repurpose it to get information from the wideband input and display it on the Cobb AP. Just having the standard dash gauge to display is fine, but this benefits your tuner because all of the datalog information from the engine and the wideband are coming into the ECU at the same time. Tuners can install a temporary wideband for this but for those doing a remote/e-tune the wideband output must be passed into the ECU for them to be able to adjust the calibration.


To install, just unplug in the rear O2 connector in your car and plug in our matching connector to the AEM Wideband in its place. Mount the unit in the engine bay which means no running wires from the engine bay to the cabin. Once installed, you'll just need your tuner to update your ECU map to calibrate the new wideband input to the ECU to get the Cobb Accessport to display Air/Fuel correctly.

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